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The Top Players in the Office Parking Management Software Landscape 

The Top Players in the Office Parking Management
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Looking for office parking management software? 

Well, we’ve compiled a thorough list for you. 

But before jumping onto the list, let’s see which are the main features of such software, so that you can make a more informed choice. 

Features to Analyze When Choosing an Office Parking Management App 

When a company wants to introduce office parking software, it needs to clearly know what it needs. Should the app allow spots bookings? Should it have features for infringement management? And so on. 

So, we made a shortlist of the most common features of such software. 

Here we go: 

  • Online spot bookings and cancelations. Usually, these apps allow employees to book a parking spot, as well as cancel their booking.   
  • Spots sharing.  What happens if someone with an assigned parking spot has a day off? That person can share the spot with a colleague. What if someone booked a spot, and decided not to work from the office? That person might have the possibility to cancel the booking but might as well pass the booking to a colleague. Let’s not have empty spaces in the parking lot.  
  • Waiting lists. What if the parking lot is full? Instead of checking every minute for spots availability, employees could join a waiting list, so if someone cancels a reservation, they can be assigned a spot automatically.  
  • Hourly bookings. Some employees might come to the office for some important meetings, others are having client meetings most of the day. Hourly bookings would help with such patterns and would unblock certain parking spots for other flexible employees.  
  • Booking priorities. Some systems allow you to divide employees into groups. Certain employee groups might have different priorities when it comes to booking a spot in the parking lot.  
  • Interactive maps. Employees should be able to easily book a parking space from an interactive map, like in the example below. 
Book a parking spot
  • Zone management. Such a feature allows parking managers to divide the car park into zones that can be managed separately.  Maybe you want a zone for electric vehicles, or for the human resources department.  
  • License plate numbers management. When you want to manage car park access based on license plates, then you should check whether the app has such a feature. Tidaro, for example, allows your employees to input up to 3 license plates. Such a feature will give you a better overview of your car park. And let’s assume a car with a certain license plate is blocking another car. The office manager or parking admin can easily find the owner of the car and take some measures to fix the problem.  
  • Car park infringements. Let’s assume someone is parking on someone else’s spot. How can you fix the issue? What if someone is blocking another car? Some office car park management apps have features that cover infringement management as well.   
  • Guest parking management.  What happens when a vendor or client is visiting the office? Will they have a place to park? The system you choose should allow guest parking as well.  
  • Reporting and analytics. The system may generate reports and analytics on parking occupancy and employee behavior, supplying valuable insights for parking facility management.  
  • Web app and mobile app. Many people are reluctant to install another app on their phone. So, ideally, the system you choose should support both a web app and a mobile app.  
  • Notifications.  The app should have a system to remind employees about their upcoming bookings. This way they can easily cancel if they do not need their booked parking space anymore, so that someone else can book it.  
  • Intuitive interface for admins and users. Admins should have their own interface where they can manage employees and parking zones, users, as well as access usage reports. Users shouldn’t be able to access the admin interface. They should be able to manage bookings and cancelations.  
  • Integration with software or hardware. If there is a strict access control policy, you might need to investigate if the booking system can support them.  
  • Resource center. The app should have a clear user manual where the features are explained. Video tutorials would be a nice-to-have as well. 
  • Customer support. The system may provide customer support through various channels, such as chat, email, or phone, to help users with any queries or issues. What if you are reorganizing the car park zones? What if new employees need to be onboarded? A proper support team should help you out with all the setups.  
  • Security and compliance. When you choose such software, you must be careful at data protection and the cloud infrastructure. Many companies can require some technical assessments to be done by the tool developers. Safety shouldn’t be neglected. 

Now that you know the features checklist, let’s see which are the most important players in the parking management software. 

Meet the Key Contenders in the Office Parking Management Software Market 

Below you will find the most important players in the office parking management software market. At the end of the list, you will also discover a summary.


Tidaro office parking management app

Yes, we’re kicking it off with our very own app, Tidaro.   

And allow me to be honest: we’re not the biggest company in the niche, but we’re definitely a company that likes to pamper its clients. Just ask Danone, Michelin, Nissan, Fortum, or many others.   

We care and we are proving this with top-notch customer support. This is what defines us.   

Also, when people review our mobile app, this is a common reaction: “Wow, it’s so simple”.  

Simplicity it’s what our clients want, and we give it to them.  

Now, here are some of Tidaro’s features: 

  • Online spot bookings and cancelations (hourly bookings included), 
  • Parking spots sharing, both for all day and hourly bookings, 
  • Car park waiting lists, 
  • Booking priorities, 
  • Interactive maps, 
  • Zone management, 
  • License plate numbers management – up to 3 license plates allowed, 
  • Car park infringements, 
  • Visitor management, 
  • Reporting and analytics, 
  • Web app and mobile app. The web app covers the admin functions as well. The mobile app is more suitable for the employees, 
  • Push and email notifications, 
  • Intuitive interface for admins and users, 
  • Multi-tenant parking tools, 
  • Knowledge base, 
  • Best-in-class customer support. 

Besides parking spot booking, Tidaro also has modules for desk booking, and room booking


Wayleadr parking management software

Wayleadr is a top player in the car parking management market. Its clients appreciate it for its ease of use, as per the G2 reviews. 

Here are Wayleadr’s most important features: 

  • Parking spots booking and releasing, 
  • Real-time parking occupancy tracking, 
  • Monitor and alert staff in real-time about parking availability,  
  • Integrations with existing hardware solutions (gates, barriers, sensors, etc.), 
  • Notifications, 
  • Car park occupancy forecasting, 
  • Violation tracking, 
  • Visitor management,  
  • Vehicle tracking, 
  • Permit management,  
  • Reporting. 


Parkable for parking management

Parkable is a parking solution that is appreciated for its simplicity, ease of use and support. 

Here are its most important features: 

  • Parking spots booking, 
  • Parking spots sharing, 
  • Real-time occupancy tracking, 
  • Visitor parking, 
  • Permit management, 
  • Integration with access-control systems, 
  • Reporting and analytics, 
  • Carpooling tools. 



Parkalot is a cloud parking management system that enables its users to set up parking regulations, allocate parking spaces, and report instances of parking violations. 

  • Parking spots booking system, 
  • Booking priorities, 
  • Parking infringements, 
  • Permit management, 
  • Carsharing management, 
  • Reporting and statistics, 
  • Integrations, 
  • Visitor management. 


Parkade is a parking management software for apartments and workplaces. 

Here are its most important features: 

  • Parking spots booking, 
  • Visitor management, 
  • Parking infringement, 
  • Web app for admin staff, 
  • Multi-property management, 
  • Permit management, 
  • Real-time vehicle records, 
  • Custom parking maps, 
  • Hardware integrations. 



Kalena is a parking spots, rooms, and desks booking solution developed by the Spanish software development company, Panel Sistemas. 

Here are the tool’s most important features: 

  • Parking spots reservations, 
  • Employee grouping, 
  • Interactive maps, 
  • Visitor management,  
  • Reporting and analytics, 

and more. 

Feature Summary for the Car Parking Management Top Players   

I’ve tried to summarize the most important features in a table format, so that you can better review the above mentioned tools. Whenever it wasn’t clear if a tool has a certain feature, I marked it with “not clear”. 

So, let’ go: 

Feature Tidaro Wayleadr Parkable Parkalot Parkade Kalena 
Parking spots booking and releasing Yes Yes  Yes Yes Yes Yes 
Hourly bookings Yes  Not clear  Not clear Not clear Yes Not clear 
Spots sharing Yes Not clear Yes Yes Yes  Not clear 
Waiting lists Yes Not clear Not clear Yes Not clear  Not clear 
Zone management Yes Yes  Not clear Not clear Not clear  Not clear 
Infringement management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Not clear  
License plates management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Not clear  
Employee grouping Yes Yes Not clear  Yes Not clear  Yes 
Visitor management Yes Yes  Yes Yes Yes Yes 
Reporting and analytics Yes Yes  Yes Yes Yes Yes 
Free trial available Yes Yes Yes Yes Not clear  No 

When it comes to pricing, the plans differ. They might be user-based, or resource-based.  

Which Are the Benefits of using car parking software for your office?  

I’m going to keep this list short and sweet. So, here we go:

  1. Optimize parking space use: Using proper parking management software allows offices to optimize parking space usage and reduce the time employees and visitors spend searching for available spots. This optimization contributes to the overall efficiency of the office parking lot
  1. Reduce Help Desk/Reception visits: Implementing parking management solutions leads to fewer visits by employees to the help desk, reception, or parking lot administration, streamlining the whole administrative process. 
  1. Streamline parking operations: Companies can streamline the entire parking process, from assigning permits to checking vehicle usage. 
  1. Insights into parking usage: Parking management software offers valuable data and analytics on parking lot usage. This allows companies to identify parking patterns and make data-driven decisions to optimize their parking lots. 
  1. Boost employee satisfaction: A well-organized parking lot positively impacts employee satisfaction, creating a better overall workplace experience by significantly reducing the time and stress associated with finding parking. 
  1. Enhance security: Through parking access control software, offices can ensure that only authorized vehicles enter the parking lot. Real-time activity monitoring ensures adherence to security protocols. 


There are few important players in the office car park management market, and you can easily check their reviews on platforms such as G2 or Capterra.  

After doing your shortlist, I would recommend that you go for a free trial, and assess: 

  • The responsiveness of the support team, 
  • The ease of use, 
  • The ease of onboarding, 
  • The compliance and security of the tool. 

Now, if you want to dig deeper into the topic of parking management, we’ve created a very thorough guide for you. So, make sure to check Mastering Office Parking Management out!   

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