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Desk booking system for thriving workplaces

Whenever your teammates choose to come to the office, you’ve got their back (and their desk). With Tidaro’s desk booking app, they can book a desk their way, in an instant.

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How can your teammates book desks?

It's as easy as tap, tap, tap!

Take a quick look at who is in the office and which desks are available.
Choose a desk from the interactive office map and book it with 1 click.
Check bookings, switch them or release if plans changed.

A desk booking app designed for collaboration and ease of use

For teammates
For admins
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Engaged employees make a better workplace. Find yourself a desk next to the people you want to connect or collaborate with.


Use interactive office maps to find a desk in the location that fits you best.


Do you need a standing desk, or a desk with two monitors? Roger that! You can select the desk that covers your needs.

Who is in the office

Use the interactive floor plans to locate colleagues and other people in the office.

Tidaro desk booking system: some key features

Hot desks

Easily create booking rules, let employees book desks on their own, and find time to focus on other tasks.

Assigned desks

If some employees need assigned desks, you will set them up in the admin panel in a matter of seconds.

Interactive maps

Teammates can book desks straight from the interactive map of your office.

Working with colleagues

Employees can see who is in the office, search for friends and book a desk next to them.

Booking days ahead

Employees can book days in-office in advance and use the tag filtering option to book the perfect desk with what you need for the day.

Zone management

Divide the office into smaller zones for different teams or office locations. Set zone managers and team leaders who will take care of them.


Employees can be notified about their upcoming bookings and they can confirm or release the desk.


Enable the check-in option to get rid of any ghost reservations. Check office attendance and analyze office occupancy data.

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What do HR, IT and Workplace heroes have in common?

The mission to develop an engaged and secure workplace. Find out how the Tidaro desk booking system fits this picture.

Workplace heroes

Simplify the logistics of office visits by ensuring easy and fast access to parking spaces, desks, and meeting rooms.

IT gurus

To do your job well, you need to make sure that the solutions you implement are safe and secure. Tidaro is secure by design, and GDPR compliant. Implementing Tidaro, isn’t another complicated task on your to-do list.

HR wizards

Help people easily plan their office days with the colleagues they care about most. Because people make places, not the other way around.

Customer spotlights

Find out how companies big and small are making their workplaces flexible with Tidaro.
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Get acquainted with how Tidaro can tune your office for future collaboration.

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