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Tidaro for IT Teams

Office bookings with no security and privacy concerns

To do your job well, you need to make sure that the solutions you implement are safe and secure. Tidaro is secure by design, and GDPR compliant. Implementing Tidaro, isn’t another complicated task on your to-do list.

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How can Tidaro help?

web and mobile app: Tidaro
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No need for internal helpdesk

Tidaro is a straight to the point app, that requires a short onboarding that we cover from scratch to hatch. Your involvement will be minimal.

Organize hybrid work

Tidaro is here to help you eliminate the chaos of hybrid desk bookings. Through smooth onboarding and thoughtful support, you’ll always feel in control.

Robust software development processes

We take our responsibility toward security seriously and want to ensure our development and deployment processes are safe and robust.

Features you'll love

SSO login

Enable Single-Sign-On and allow employees one-click access to Tidaro, in a secure and private app.

Data protection

We apply the highest security standards when it comes to data privacy, thus being GDPR compliant.

Secure cloud infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure that complies with all relevant certifications such as ISO27001, SOC2, and more.

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Find out how companies big and small are making their workplaces flexible with Tidaro.
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