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Tidaro for HR Teams

Give teammates the right reasons to come to the office

Help people easily plan their office days with the colleagues they care about most. Because people make places, not the other way around.

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How can Tidaro help?

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Encourage people to bond at work

Help people feel connected at work. Use Tidaro data to understand time in the office, then plan accordingly your learning and socializing events.

Organize hybrid work

Tidaro is here to help you eliminate the chaos of hybrid desk bookings. Through smooth app setup and thoughtful support, you’ll always feel in control.

Balance the life-work game

Work-life balance questions begin with “when” and “where”. When employees are in control, they’ll tune their work to life. And this will be a win-win for them and the workplace.

Features you'll love

Desk and room booking

Give people the autonomy to book their way, based on their preferences and needs. Always know where people are in the office.

Finding teammates

People can easily find colleagues and book a desk next to them. Because we know workplaces thrive because of collaboration.

Office occupancy

It's time to understand people and spaces using workplace data. Use the Tidaro reports to optimize social connection.

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Find out how companies big and small are making their workplaces flexible with Tidaro.
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