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Manage Your Workplace with Tidaro

Workplace management app that helps teammates better manage their days in the office while: 

desk, room, spots booking system

30,000+ people choose how they work using Tidaro

Desk booking

Save time and frustration by letting people book desks by themselves. Whether it’s that desk with two monitors, or that one next to Erik, Tidaro is here to help them choose where and with whom you do your best work.

Parking spots booking

Ease the commuting headaches and make office visits seamless, by allowing your teammates to design the parking spot booking experience. Because both your time and theirs is precious. And guess what? You can ditch those spreadsheets.

Room booking

Make team meetings a breeze and say good-bye to scheduling headaches and to pointless wandering in the office. With Tidaro you always know when and where meetings are happening. And guess what? No additional hardware needed.

Other features to manage your office and its parking lot

office maps
desk parameters

Never another manic Monday, Tuesday, or any other day. Maps help you find available desks, reserve them, and find your way around the office.

colleague finder

You can easily find colleagues and book a desk next to them. Because we know you want to enjoy your office time with people you care about.

desk zone management

Easily divide the office into zones and locations. You can even assign zone managers because you have more important things on your plate.

desks reporting

It’s time to understand people and spaces using workplace data. Use the Tidaro reports to adjust policies, optimize social connection and resource management.

days ahead
book a desk days ahead

Easily book your days in-office in advance. Use the tag filtering option to book the perfect desk with what you need for the day.

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Choose the right package for you

desk booking small

Desk Booking

€ 1.40
per user per month
billed annually*
The more users, the lower the price per user
*Minimum monthly fee € 59
parking spot booking small

Parking Spots Booking

€ 1.40
per user per month
billed annually*
The more users, the lower the price per user
*Minimum monthly fee € 59
desk and spots booking small

Desks and Spots Booking

€ 1.90
per user per month
billed annually*
The more users, the lower the price per user
*Minimum monthly fee € 89
room booking small


For workplaces looking for SSO, custom integrations with added security and support.

What's included?

  • Access to mobile and web application
  • Access to all features
  • Free configuration and onboarding
  • Technical support 8/5 and SLA 99%
  • Reports on occupancy, bookings, activity and attendance
  • Video guides for employees
  • Unlimited system changes and reconfigurations

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