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User manual: how to setup Tidaro and activate your account

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Welcome aboard!

Tidaro is an intuitive desk and parking spot booking system that makes your office space smarter and lets you book and share office space easily.

We created this guide for anyone new to Tidaro, so feel free to pass it to your colleagues. 

Getting a user account

To use Tidaro at your company you will need to get a user account which is connected to your company. Therefore do not start a free trial on your own. 

Tidaro comes with two ways of onboarding employees. During the initial product setup your administrators will choose a way of setting up employee accounts. 

Option 1: Invitation e-mail

You may expect an invitation coming from Tidaro e-mail address on your business e-mail address. Please read the instructions carefully and use the activation link to activate your user account. 

Your user account has been signed up by your administrators, and you will just need to continue with the account activation process.

Use the Activate Account button to proceed.

invitation email

Option 2: Using a self-registration link

Your office administrators might want to onboard you by sending a self-registration link. Using the join link will allow you to create your user account on your own. 

Please keep in mind, that this functionality comes with a limitation and you will be only allowed to register a user account within your company domain.

Signing-up with the self-registration link

To sign-up your account and join your company enter the your name and surname and your business e-mail address. You will also need to agree with the Terms of Service. When done just go ahead and create your account.

self registration

Activating your user account

No matter which way your user account has been created, it needs to be activated. You will need to provide your user password and agree to the Terms of Service to use Tidaro.

Please note: your organization may require a license plate number of your vehicle when using the parking spot booking features. If so, enter at least one license plate number.

welcome security

Your first sign-in

Great news! You are ready to sign-in to Tidaro for the first time. Just continue with the user activation flow or visit Tidaro.

You will be redirected to a sign-in form. Enter your user account e-mail address and password and sign-in.

login screen

Downloading the mobile app

After logging in for the first time, we strongly recommend that you download the Tidaro mobile app. Our mobile apps are available on the official app stores. You can use the links and QR codes below to download the app in no time.

Apple Store

Google Play

Just after downloading the app feel free to sign-in with your already activated account.

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