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User manual: How to use reports in the Tidaro app

A quick guide to help you book desks, use interactive maps, and find co-workers in the office.

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Accessing reports

  1. To access Tidaro reports, log in to the web application.  
  2. From the menu, head to Preferences. 
  3. Unfold the Reports tab and choose the report you want to see. 

Customizing reports

Within the reports interface, admins can customize parameters to generate reports tailored to their specific needs. The following customization options are available:

  • Data Range: Admins can manually set the desired date range for the report, allowing them to analyze data for a specific period of time. 
  • Weekends Inclusion/Exclusion: You can choose whether to include or exclude weekends from the report, depending on your analysis requirements. 
  • Office/Parking Zones Filter: If your organization has multiple office locations or parking zones, you can filter the report data based on specific zones to gain insights into each area individually. 
  • Spot Type Selection: If you are generating parking spot reports, you can choose to include specific spot types (e.g., reserved, visitor, handicapped) to focus on particular categories. 
  • Data Display: Reports can be presented in various formats, including percentages, numerical values, or graphical representations, allowing you to visualize the data as per your preference. 

Parking lot reports

The Tidaro app offers several parking spot-related reports that provide valuable insights into occupancy, bookings, attendance, and employee activity.

The available parking spot reports are: 

Parking spots occupancy report: This report provides an overview of the current occupancy status of parking spots, displaying the utilization rates for each zone or spot type. 

Parking spots bookings report: Generate this report to analyze the booking patterns and trends for parking spots, helping you understand peak hours and demand fluctuations. 

Parking spot attendance report: This report tracks the attendance of employees using parking spots, allowing you to monitor their utilization and identify any anomalies. 

Parking spots employee activity report: Gain insights into the parking spot usage of individual employees, helping you optimize spot allocation and identify potential issues. 

Desk reports

If you are also managing desks within the Tidaro app, you can use the following desk-related reports: 

Desks Occupancy Report: Analyze the occupancy status of desks in different office areas or zones, and identify underutilized or overcrowded areas. 

Desks Bookings Report: This report provides an overview of desk bookings, allowing you to track booking trends and optimize desk allocation based on demand. 

Desks Attendance Report: Monitor the attendance of employees using desks to ensure efficient utilization and identify any discrepancies. 

Desks Employee Activity Report: Gain insights into individual employee desk usage, helping you identify patterns, preferences, and potential optimization opportunities.