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User manual: how to use the parking spot booking feature

A short guide to help you use the parking spot booking and sharing feature

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Tidaro is an intuitive app that lets you book and share your company parking spots.

Main dashboard parking spots

If you have already reserved a parking spot on a certain day, it will be displayed on the home screen. You can see its location by clicking the Show on map button. To cancel your booking today, click Release for today.

Parking spot booking (with or without using the interactive map)

In the Tidaro app, employees can book a parking spot for the entire day, or for several hours.  

Employees can book any spot or pick a desired spot from the interactive map.

Here are the steps to book a parking spot in Tidaro, with and without using the interactive map.

  1.  When you enter Tidaro, from the Parking tab, go straight to Book a spot. 
  2. From the dropdown menu, choose the parking area in which you want to book a spot. 
  3. If you need a spot for the entire day, you can check the All day option. Otherwise, you can select the most convenient period for your booking, by choosing specific hours and minutes.  
Choose the time for the spot booking

4. To book the first available spot on your chosen day, tap on Book any and the system will assign it to you. 

Book any spot

5. If you want to pick a specific parking spot, you can tap on Map Pick to open the map of the parking lot. On the map, the available spots are represented by green circles. You can use your fingers to zoom on the map. Tap on one of the circles, then confirm your choice by using the Book this spot button at the bottom of the screen. 

6. You can repeat the process to book a spot for other days in the office. You can see your upcoming bookings on the main screen of the Tidaro app or inside Parking -> Book a spot.  

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT HOURLY BOOKINGS:  The feature that allows employees to book a parking spot for several hours is not available for everyone. If you want this feature enabled, contact us at and we will add you to the waiting list in order to enable it for you.

Parking spot releasing

To release a parking spot, go to the release spots tab, select the days you want to release your booking, and confirm the action with the confirm dates button at the bottom of the screen.

Then you can release your spot for everyone to book by selecting the release for all. If your company has enabled spots sharing, you can hand over your parking spot to a specific person by selecting them from the list.

Please note that sharing a parking spot cannot be revoked on your own. If you wish to reclaim your parking spot, please contact your office administrator. You can also go to the book a spot tab to reserve a new spot.

Dealing with parking issues: an employee is parking on another employee's booked spot

This feature was created to solve the problem of taking parking spots booked by someone else, without the need of contacting parking lot managers. It is especially useful:

  1. In parking lots shared with other companies
  2. In parking lots often visited by guests who can take a wrong parking spot by mistake
  3. In parking lots with variable parking policy
  4. When employees tend to take parking spots without prior booking

During our customer calls we found out that they often find themselves in a situation where an employee is parking on the spot that was already booked by another colleague using Tidaro. Sometimes this would have a cascade effect, and more employees would end up parking on someone else’s spot because their first booked spot was occupied.  

Now, here’s how you can deal with this issue with Tidaro.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Enter the Tidaro app 
  1. Click on the I have a parking issue button from the dashboard. 
I have a parking issue

3. Select Someone has parked in my spot

Parking issues

4. Type the entire license plate of the car that is parked in your spot. Then hit Next

enter license plate

5. If the car with the license plate number you provided had a spot booked for the day, you will be prompted a screen with that particular spot, so that you can occupy it. Basically, you would just switch booked parking spaces. 

Try to park here
  1. It might happen that this spot is also taken by someone. If so, hit the I can’t park here button. If the spot is free and you are parking there, just select I’ve parked
  1. If the car with the license plate number your provided didn’t have a spot booked for the day, or maybe it belongs to a visitor, that just happened to find a free spot in the parking lot, you will see this message: 
License plate not registered

This means that you could: 

    • Type the license plate again (maybe there were some typos there). Select Try again for this.  
    • Contact the parking administrator to clarify the situation. 
    • Select the Book another parking spot option. 

8. If you want to select another booking spot, you will see the following screen: 

Book another parking spot

From here you can choose a different spot. Click on Book any and the system will assign you a spot from the pool of available spots. 

Now you have another booking. Because you can’t have two bookings in the app, the original spot that you booked (that was occupied by somebody else) will be marked as restricted in the app by Tidaro, automatically. Visually, this means that it will be marked with a grey circle on the parking lot map.  

The parking lot is full

Dealing with parking issues: your car is blocked by someone else's car 

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Enter the Tidaro app 
  1. Click on the I have a parking issue button from the dashboard. 
I have a parking issue

3. Select My car is blocked by another car.

Parking issues

4. Type the entire license plate of the car that is blocking your car. Then hit Next

My car is blocked by another car

5. The app will show you to whom this car belongs to, or it can say that the license plate is not registered inside Tidaro. You could try to insert the license plate again, in case there was a typo. In either situation you can contact the parking administrator to solve the problem. This feature might vary from company to company, depending on its internal legal privacy policies.  

Assigned-plates - assigned plates - my car is blocked
License plate not registered

Parking spot booking notifications

This is a feature that can be enabled by our clients (office managers, admins, etc.) with our help. 

What does this feature do? 

It allows employees to enable notifications that will remind them about their upcoming parking spots bookings.

Tidaro will be able to send reminders to users who have a parking spot booking for the next day. Users will receive a notification on their mobile device, which they can tap to see more details. If they click on the notification, they will be able to see the details of their reservation and even cancel it if they no longer need it.

The reminders will be sent the previous day in the afternoon. Users can manage their notifications in their device settings, not within the app.

Let’s see how this feature works, once the company enables it.

1. Login to Tidaro

2. You will see a screen where you will be asked whether you want to allow notifications.

Will you allow notifications?

3.  From the next screen that shows up you can select between allowing and not allowing us to send notifications.  You can always turn off notifications from the phone’s settings. 

4. In your Tidaro profile you also have the option to manage the notifications later on.

5. When a notification is being sent, and the app is off or in the background, the notification will be visible in the phone’s Notification Center.

6. When the app is opened, the notification will not be visible in the Notification Center. The upcoming bookings screen will be opened automatically in the app.

Upcoming bookings

7. If you no longer need the booking, you can go with the “Release for tomorrow” option.

Waiting list

Is the parking lot full? 

If so, you might still have a chance to find a spot, if someone else no longer needs their own spot. 

To solve this problem, we created waiting lists. Here’s how the process works: 

  1. When you enter Tidaro, from the Parking tab, go straight to Book a spot


Book a spot

2. Select the parking zone you want to book a spot in, from the dropdown at the top of the screen. 

3. If in your desired days there are no available parking spots, you can join waiting lists by selecting Join waiting list.  

Join multiple waiting lists in the parking lot

4. You will now see a confirmation message on the screen saying: You’ve joined the waiting list. You can join multiple lists. After joining one, or more, you can also visualize the position on the waiting lists.  When enough parking spots become available, you will be assigned a spot automatically.

You joined the waiting list

5. In the Tidaro dashboard, inside the Parking tab,  you will again see information about the positions you’re on in your waiting lists.

Waiting lists and positions in the dashboard

6. Now you can get off from all the waiting lists by clicking on the Get off all button. If you only want to get off one list, choose the Show waiting lists option.  Next you can pick the waiting list you no longer want to be in by clicking on Get off. Click on OK for the final confirmation.

Get off a waiting list

7. If you want to book an available spot in a different zone, but you are still on the waiting list for the first parking zone, you will see a message asking you to confirm that you want to book that particular spot. After the confirmation, you will be removed from the waiting list. 

Do you want to book this parking spot

8. If you confirm the booking, you will see the confirmation details inside a message. You can now release it, or visualize the spot on the map. 

9. When you are on a waiting list and a spot becomes available and gets allocated to you, you will see a notification on your phone. Tap the notification to see the details of your parking spot booking. 

Upcoming bookings


IMPORTANT! Customers must contact us to enable this functionality.