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Join more than 30,000 Tidaro users from global brands

With Tidaro for hot desking you can:

book a desk days ahead
colleague finder
Web and mobile app_desk

Say goodbye to frustrating bookings from spreadsheets

Gain an easy and intuitive tool to manage hot desks in your office. No more frustrating mistakes in spreadsheets.

Gain better control without micromanaging

Get a firm grip on what is happening in your office, and don’t waste time on unnecessary micromanaging.

Enjoy ongoing support

We are here to support you with the app setup and onboarding. We take care of the legal, privacy and security compliance as well.

How can your teammates book hot desks?

It's as easy as tap, tap, tap!​

Take a quick look at who is in the office and which hot desks are available.
Choose a hot desk from the interactive office map and book it with 1 click.
Check bookings, switch them or release if plans changed.

Tidaro helps employees work in a flex office

Bank BPH
  • 180 employees
  • 115 desks
  • Over 1200 booked desks monthly

"Employees appreciate how the app facilitates work planning. Also, using it is so simple and intuitive that they have no problems using it even without prior training"

Bank BPH office administrators

Key features that will make desk booking a breeze

Hot desks

Easily create booking rules, let employees book desks on their own, and find time to focus on other tasks.

Assigned desks

If some employees need assigned desks, you will set them up in the admin panel in a matter of seconds.

Interactive maps

Teammates can book desks straight from the interactive map of your office.

Working with colleagues

Employees can see who is in the office, search for friends and book a desk next to them.

Booking days ahead

Employees can book days in-office in advance and use the tag filtering option to book the perfect desk with what you need for the day.

Zone management

Divide the office into smaller zones for different teams or office locations. Set zone managers and team leaders who will take care of them.


Employees can be notified about their upcoming bookings and they can confirm or release the desk.


Enable the check-in option to get rid of any ghost reservations. Check office attendance and analyze office occupancy data.

Simple pricing

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Desk Booking

€ 1.4
per user per month
billed annually*
The more users, the lower the price per user
*Minimum monthly fee € 59
What's included?
  • Access to mobile and web application
  • Access to all features
  • Unlimited number of parking spots
  • Technical support 8/5 and SLA 99%
  • Unlimited number of admins
  • Video and text guides for employees
  • Unlimited system changes and reconfigurations

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