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State of Employee Experience in the Office Car Park

Let’s diagnose together how big the struggles are in the office car park. 

The information collected in the survey below will help us unveil the insights that can stimulate businesses to make better decisions about the future of office car parks. You will receive the final report via email.

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How many employees does your office have?
Which teams have responsibilities in managing the office car park?
How many of your employees drive to work by car?
Do you often hear employees complaining about the office car park?
How are you handling parking spots reservations?
Which of the following better describes the current office parking policy?
Which are the most pressing problems in the office car park?
Can your car park safely accommodate bikes or electric scooters?
Is your car park equipped with EV chargers?
How many employees drive to work using an electric or hybrid vehicle?
Do employees feel that the car park experience affect the whole workplace experience?


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