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Office Parking Management Resource Hub

Resources for office and facility managers, admins and HR employees that want to improve the employee experience in the office parking lot.
How to Introduce a Parking Spots Booking System
Find out how you can optimize your car park using parking tools that allow smart office parking management, parking spots booking, and analytics, while ensuring a convenient parking experience for employees and visitors.

How to optimize traffic flow, lower costs, and improve employee experience in the car park.


Choosing the right parking policy in order to drive efficiency and improve the employee experience.


How lowering the drive alone rates builds sustainable cities and businesses.

How to use a parking spots booking system to optimize parking management.

How to address and prevent parking violations in office car parks.

Office parking management success stories to inspire yours.

Tidaro Makes Car Park Management Easy

Want to eliminate the chaos from the parking lot and say goodbye to bookings in spreadsheets?