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Contract and pricing

There are no additional implementation/launch costs. The only cost is a monthly/annual fee  which gives customers access to all features.

The contract concluded with Tidaro is flexible. It is concluded for an indefinite period and you can cancel your service at any time. The notice period lasts until the end of the current subscription period*.

*The subscription period in Tidaro is determined when concluding the contract and lasts for a month or a year.



Yes. You can also stop using the product without any consequences during the trial period.

Account setup

No, you can add only some of the employees.

Any individual who has an account in the system.

Yes, we can specify who uses which module during the configuration process.

No. We are currently working on integrations, prioritizing Outlook and Ms Teams.

No. Tidaro is a SaaS solution, so our customers have access to free upgrades, and we are able to provide data security, flexibility, rapid implementation and much more.

After implementing the application to a company, new users should report to their company's Tidaro administrator. Administrators can add new users, who will then receive an email with a link to activate their account.

No. Assigning administrator privileges must be done by Tidaro support department. If you need to assign administrator privileges in the application, please contact us at:

Tidaro is available in 2 versions: a mobile app and a web app.

Yes, to do so, please contact us at:

We write about SSO, or single sign-on method, in this article.

App implementation

Yes, the trial period lasts 30 days and does not obligate you to continue using the application.

Depending on the customer's individual preferences, the implementation process can vary, but it usually consists of the following steps:

  1. The client creates an account in the Tidaro application by filling out a short form (3 fields).
  2. Customer sends us office and/or parking plans with guidelines for configuration.
  3. The client sends a list of application users.
  4. We create the maps and do all the configuration according to the client's guidelines.
  5. We agree on a deadline for implementation of the application.

We have application manuals on the website and video instructions for our customers.

Tidaro can arrange online training upon request. Training for both users and administrators is free of charge. We do not have a limit on such trainings, but we know from experience that users use the application efficiently even without training.

Depending on the customer's individual needs, the length of the implementation process can vary, but usually takes around 5 days.

Security and data processing

Tidaro's and it's suppliers' processing centers and are located in the European Union.

You can read all about data security at Tidaro in our Privacy Policy.




App features

User management is done through the administrator panel available in the web version of the application.

Administrative tools allow you to:

  1. Add and remove users.
  2. Assign specific resources to users.
  3. Book on behalf of users.
  4. Exclude desks/parking spots from use.
  5. Allocate resources for guests.
  6. Assign users to groups and zones.
  7. Edit license plate numbers assigned to a user.
  8. Check who is in the office.
  9. Decide how many days ahead users can book.

No. At the moment, all features are enabled/disabled by Tidaro support department. If you would like to enable/disable a feature, please email us at

Yes, for this, please contact us at:

Yes. This feature is currently only available for parking spots. We will soon extend it to desks as well.

Yes, administrators can make bookings on behalf of users.

Yes, administrators can remove the booking on behalf of the user.

Yes. Each user and groups of users can have their access restricted to selected zones.

Yes. During account setup, you can give desks specific parameters by which users can filter available resources.

Not yet, however, we are working on adding such a feature to the application.

Yes, administrators can assign resources to users.

This is an optional feature in Tidaro app. Users can make their assigned parking spots available to a specific person or make it available to all users for booking.

The Tidaro app handles the most common problems in parking lots. If such a situation has occurred, simply click "I have a parking issue" button, enter the license plate number of the vehicle and the app will suggest who to contact about the issue.

License plate numbers stored in the Tidaro app can later be exported by administrators and provided to parking lot security to verify entrants.

In addition, Tidaro handles the most common problems in parking lots. Therefore, if someone has blocked another car or parked in the wrong spot, the person can be identified in the app by the vehicle's license plate number.

Once you assign users to a group, you can give them permission to book only in the chosen zones and decide how far ahead group members can book spots.

Yes, thanks to the "Who is in the office" feature, Tidaro users can see who is booking desks on a given day.

We write more about this feature in this article.


Maps allow users to book a resource of their choice. The user opens the map and marks on it the exact spot/desk they want to book. In addition, the maps make it easy to locate colleagues, overview office occupancy and navigate.

The maps are prepared by Tidaro's support department.

The length of the map preparation process varies depending on the size of the map and the client's individual guidelines. Typically, it takes from a few hours to one day to complete one map.


No, offices and/or parking lots can be entered into the app without maps. Then users will not have the option to select the space to book. A "book any" button will be used to make reservations, which will automatically assign the user the first available desk/spot.

We accept all formats that the client is able to provide us, with preferred formats being: PDF, JPEG, PNG, SVG, TIF.

We described the process of preparing maps in detail in this article.

If the changes are minor, we apply them within 24 hours. If the changes are more complicated, we set the delivery time individually with the customer.

No, currently all map changes are made by Tidaro's support department.

Unfortunately, no. Tidaro maps are being prepared by our support department to standardize the application's interface and to make booking resources as easy as possible.

Technical issues

The technical support department works from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

All response times are listed here.

Please contact us at: The support team will send you a link to activate your account.

Please check that the email address you entered is correct and that there are no unnecessary characters (such as spaces) before or after it. If the message continues to appear even though you have entered the correct email address, please contact us at:

Please check that the email address and password you entered are correct and that there are no unnecessary characters (such as spaces) before or after them.

If the user does not remember the password, please reset it.

If problems continue despite entering correct data, please contact us at:

To reset your application password, please go to, enter the email address to which your account is assigned, and then click the "continue" button below. On the next screen, please click "forgot your password" and follow the instructions to set a new password.