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How to manage the office comeback in 2024

office comeback
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Some sneak peek:

Microsoft data shows that 85% of global employees come back to the office for the promise of socializing.
When people save time from commuting, they have more time for their family, friends, and hobbies. And this leads to a happier life.
The sense of belonging is diminishing when a lot of time is spent doing remote work. From time to time, some office time can be used to take the pulse of the team, to do some activities together.
More people will feel attracted by the opportunity of a flexible schedule, thus companies will have a larger pool of candidates available.​
In the pre-pandemic US, desks were empty on an average of 40-50% of normal working hours. The rest of the time, employees work from meeting rooms, clients’ offices, and just about anywhere with Wi-Fi.
60% of people working in open workspaces would give up on their assigned workspace for a hot desk to be able to work from home.
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