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How RWS Reimagined Its Office and Car Park with Tidaro

May 2024 | 2 minutes read

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Brno, Czech Republic

cooperation start date

April 2022



Parking Spots


THE Challenges

Making the office safer for employees during the pandemic and unlocking the hidden value of the office car park

1. Adapting to Hybrid Work Amidst the Pandemic 

As the RWS Brno office adopted a hybrid work model to navigate the pandemic, they faced several challenges: 

  • Tracking Employee Presence: Determining who is present in the office amidst pandemic-related constraints. 
  • Facilitating Workplace Collaboration: Ensuring effective collaboration in a socially distanced environment. 
  • Managing Space Utilization: Optimizing the availability of certain office spaces while restricting others to maintain safety protocols. 


2. Managing Employee Access to Parking Spaces 

The RWS Brno office also faced difficulties in efficiently managing employee access to its limited parking spaces. 

To address these challenges, RWS Brno sought an affordable solution that could handle both issues effectively. 

So how can all employees be provided with convenient and predictable parking in the easiest way using only a few parking spaces provided by the building manager? At the same time, the solution had to be effective, transparent and allow you to manage all issues related to the company’s parking in one place.

the Solution

A frictionless workplace resources booking system

1. Implementing the Tidaro Workplace Booking System 

To address its challenges, RWS selected the Tidaro workplace booking system as its global solution. Initially implemented in four RWS offices across three continents, including Brno, the system was subsequently scaled to offices in Argentina, Canada, and the UK. 

2. Supporting Hybrid Work and Enhancing Safety 

The Tidaro system plays a crucial role in RWS’s global strategy to support hybrid work. During the pandemic, Tidaro enabled RWS Brno to effectively manage desk allocations, ensuring proper distancing and safe team organization. This system allowed for: 

  • Enhanced Workplace Efficiency: Streamlining space utilization to boost productivity. 
  • Optimized Real Estate Costs: Reducing overhead by better managing office space. 


3. Simplifying Parking Management 

RWS Brno’s parking lot operates on a first-come, first-served basis, with no assigned spots. Tidaro provided the necessary visibility and flexibility for employees to locate and book available parking spaces. This functionality removed an obstacle to returning to the office, making the transition smoother for employees. 

By integrating Tidaro, RWS Brno not only navigated pandemic-related challenges but also positioned itself to leverage the ongoing benefits of hybrid work.  

We found Tidaro simple, intuitive and with a support team that dealt with all requests immediately and was very helpful. Last, but not least, the friendly price. 

the outcomes

Resource Optimization, Time Savings, and Office Downsizing

Implementing Tidaro has revolutionized workspace management at RWS, delivering tangible benefits that have positively impacted the business: 

Efficient Use of Workspace Resources

  • Pre-Tidaro: RWS struggled with inefficient allocation of desks and parking spaces due to the lack of a proper booking system. 
  • Post-Tidaro: With the implementation of Tidaro, RWS gained control over desk and parking spot usage through an effective booking system. 

Data-Driven Decisions

  • Valuable Insights: The Tidaro app provides RWS with crucial data on workspace and parking spot utilization. 
  • Informed Decisions: This data, when cross-referenced with the access system, enables RWS to measure parking attendance over time, empowering informed decisions on space optimization and resource allocation. 

Time and Resource Savings

  • Simplified Processes: Tidaro streamlined desk booking and attendance management, leading to significant time and resource savings for the RWS team. 

Space Optimization and Cost Benefits

  • Office Downsizing: Insights from Tidaro allowed RWS Brno to downsize their office space while maintaining the same employee capacity. 
  • Cost Savings: This downsizing resulted in direct cost savings on rent and utilities. 

Positive Implementation Experience

  • Smooth Transition: The implementation of Tidaro was seamless, supported by the Tidaro customer care team. 
  • Employee Satisfaction: Martina, a member of the project management team and one of the system admins, reported feeling well-supported during the implementation. The RWS employees have positively embraced the use of Tidaro. 
RWS Moravia office building in Brno


The integration of Tidaro at RWS has led to efficient resource utilization, data-driven decision-making, and significant cost savings. The smooth implementation process and positive employee feedback underscore the system’s success in transforming RWS’s workspace management. 

I felt very supported and Tidaro support team always tried to come up with the simplest solution and very quickly. 


Tidaro has become an invaluable tool for RWS, empowering the organization to optimize office and car park management, while saving both time and money. 

Low efficiency of resources useOptimization of resources use
High real estate costsReal estate and utilities cost savings
No user-friendly system for managing the resources bookings Visibility over spots and desks usage
Tracking employees presenceOffice downsizing while accommodating the same number of employees

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