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How Tidaro helped Bank BPH's employees to work in a flex office

21 October 2022 | 5 minutes read




Warsaw & Gdańsk





Parking Spots


About BPH

Bank BPH has an operating history of more than 30 years. Its headquarters are in Warsaw, and its main operations and IT center is in Gdansk. Bank BPH is part of the General Electric Group, one of the largest corporations in the world.

Currently, the Bank serves only individual customers paying mortgages. Bank BPH’s most important mission is to provide the highest quality services to customers and to execute its business strategy in a socially responsible and corporate governance manner, taking into account the needs of all stakeholder groups.

BPH Bank uses two modules of Tidaro – parking spot booking and desk booking. Different needs stood behind the decisions to launch each of them. We tried to identify them during our initial discussions with the customer.


How to support employees adapt to a flexible office

Parking policy keeps employees away from the office

Until the introduction of Tidaro, access to BPH Bank parking lots was granted to employees with access cards. There were as many cards as parking spaces. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, visits to the office became less regular, and our client noticed that employees were experiencing difficulty finding a parking space, even though the company’s parking lot was not completely occupied.

The process of assigning a space proved to be inefficient in the pandemic reality, so our client sought a solution that would help ensure a parking space for all employees and facilitate the space assignment process.

Time-consuming desk management

The need to introduce desk reservations also arose during the pandemic. Due to top-down restrictions, Bank BPH had to reduce the number of employees staying in the office at once.

Initially, our client dealt with this problem by physically marking the desks that employees could occupy. However, this method put a strain on managers, who had to keep an eye on the spaces occupied by their teams.

In addition, the bank decided to move to a hybrid work model. Office administrators needed a tool to benefit them during and after the pandemic. Looking for a more efficient way to manage the office, BPH Bank decided to launch a desk booking module in Tidaro.

Despite the creativity with which Bank BPH employees approached the new challenges, achieving satisfactory efficiency without a dedicated tool wasn’t easy. After the introduction of Tidaro, Bank BPH changed how it managed its parking lot and office and, as a result, dealt with the challenges of the pandemic reality.


A partnership that facilitated the transition to flex office with minimum friction

The decision to partner with a provider of a booking and hybrid work management tool was in the hands of the IT and administration departments. The ideal candidate had to meet all the requirements of Bank BPH in terms of the length of the cooperation, cost, and most importantly, in terms of storage and security of personal data. Tidaro stood out from the competition, making our cooperation possible.

Parking available to everyone

In order to facilitate efficient management of the company’s parking lot, we have introduced Tidaro with an active parking spot booking module.

Now every employee is provided with a mobile and web application from which they can book a parking space in seconds. As a result, BPH Bank was able to make parking available to all employees without worrying about running out of spaces.

In the app, employees can check what the parking occupancy is on a given day, book a spot in advance or while already at the office, and locate their spot on the interactive parking map.

As a result, we were able to eliminate the inconvenience that employees were experiencing with the parking arrangements. Now they travel to work knowing that there is a space waiting for them, and the company’s parking lot no longer stands empty.

Keeping track of teams and allocated desks

The introduction of Tidaro’s desk booking module has relieved the burden on managers, who no longer need to keep track of where their teams sit. With the introduction of the new module, there is no longer a need to physically mark desks. Now the available seats are visible to everyone from the interactive office map in the app.

Administrators can exclude specific desks from use, determine maximum office occupancy, book on behalf of employees, and assign seats to specific people, making office management much easier.

Employees, on the other hand, can book desks in advance, see how many reservations have been made on a given day and which desks are available to them.

The app helps our client even after the pandemic restrictions are lifted, making it easier to enforce and manage hybrid work.

Cooperation and feedback from employees

What pleases us most is the positive reception of Tidaro among employees and administrators.

In an interview with office administrators, we learned that employees appreciate how the app facilitates work planning. Also, using it is so simple and intuitive for them that they have no problems using it even without prior training.

The cooperation with Bank BPH was a pure pleasure for us. We were able to increase the efficiency of a company with such a significant impact on positive changes in the market.

In the near future, we plan to incorporate more features of the app for Bank BPH, which will facilitate, among other things, the overview of colleagues present in the office and possibility to find friends in the office and book desks right next to them.

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