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Tidaro: Easily and Conveniently Check Who Will Be in the Office 

From now on, scheduling office visits will be even easier. With "who is in the office" feature, employees can see who will be present in the office on a given day and thus plan their day more easily. Check out the new Tidaro feature.
who is in the office feature
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About the feature

The desk booking module of Tidaro has now a new feature. Let’s find out how it works.

The ”who is in the office” feature is a result of observing the behavior of our users. During irregular visits to the hybrid office, the question asked by employees most often is “who they can meet in the office?”. That’s why we give them a tool that allows them to see for themselves who they’ll meet on a given day. 

Office overview via the interactive map

How does “who is in the office” work? 

To see who is in the office and what desk they occupy, simply view the interactive office map. You can do this when you book a desk, preview an already booked desk, or through the colleague finder feature. 

Next to taken desks, you will now see the initials of the employees occupying them. When you click on a specific spot, the app displays the full name to leave no doubt to the searcher. 

You can also view a list where you can see information about who and where has booked a desk for the day.

The app allows you to check occupancy for days ahead, making scheduling and managing office visits even easier. 

A list of employees present in the office


The conclusions from conversations with our customers are clear – employees are more likely to visit the office if they know who they can meet in it. The new Tidaro application functionality provides this knowledge, so it positively impacts office attendance. 

When deciding to come to the office, employees usually want to sit next to their friends. Now it’s even easier to search for them on the map and book a desk next to them. 

Office occupancy data is crucial for office administrators. That’s why they can now quickly review the office from an interactive map in the app and get a detailed view of who is in the office. 

How to enable the new feature?

If you want to use the ”who is in the office” feature, please contact us, and we will activate it for you. Due to different regulations regarding the management of personal data, we have decided not to update it for all customers automatically. 

Wojciech Feliks
Wojciech Feliks
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