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Tidaro: What’s Coming Up in April 2023

Meet our new features: Notifications, Booking Priority, and "I have a parking issue".
Tidaro workplace booking
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We’re always fine-tuning Tidaro’s features based on user feedback. For April 2023 we have big plans: 3 new features are cooking as we speak and they will definitely make your days better in the parking lot, and consequently, in the office.

Let’s take them one by one:


We understand how important it is to stay on top of your schedule and never miss an important meeting or deadline. That’s why we’ve added booking reminders as in-app notifications. With this feature, you will receive reminders about your upcoming bookings, so you’re always prepared.

This feature is specifically for parking spots. It will send reminders to users who have a parking spot booking for the next day. Users will receive a notification on their mobile device, which they can tap to see more details. If they click on the notification, they will be able to see the details of their reservation and even cancel it if they no longer need it.

Upcoming bookings

The reminders will be sent the previous day in the afternoon. Users can manage their notifications in their device settings, not within the app.

Booking Priority

We know that some people need to book parking spots ahead of time. That’s why we’re introducing a new priority system that will allow you to prioritize certain bookings over others.

With this feature, you can indicate the level of priority for specific people. We understand that some internal policies can require priority in bookings ahead. The system will then prioritize those bookings accordingly, ensuring that spots are available for those who need them the most.

We hope you enjoy these new features, and we welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have. At our company, we’re committed to providing the best possible user experience, and we’re always looking for ways to improve.

I have a parking issue

Our new feature is here to tackle two of these tense situations that are happening in the parking lot: 

  • An employee is parking on another employee’s booked spot. 

During our customer calls we found out that they often find themselves in a situation where an employee is parking on the spot that was already booked by another colleague using Tidaro. Sometimes this would have a cascade effect, and more employees would end up parking on someone else’s spot because their first booked spot was occupied.  

  • Cars blocking other cars in the parking lot 

Often a car ends up blocking another car’s exit, causing lots of stress for both the driver and the parking lot administrator. 

So, customers were wondering how to improve discipline in the office parking lot. This new feature will help you out to do just that.

We will release these features at the beginning of April. Make sure to check our user manual or blog, for the updates.

Important! If you want to enable one of the features, or all of them, for your company, please contact us at and we will assist you.

Wojciech Feliks
Wojciech Feliks
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