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Tidaro: Fixes and Features in June and July 2023 

Employee group filtering, email notifications, and tiny user interface changes - this is what we released in June and July 2023.
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Let’s see what’s been cooking in June and July inside Tidaro.  

We released some smaller features and made some tiny user interface changes.  

But, behind the scenes, there’s a bigger feature we’re working on. We’ll announce it when we’re ready. So, stay tuned.  

Feature improvement: Employee Group Filtering for the Web App 

Back in May we released Employee group filtering. This was a feature used in combination with the parking spots booking module. The idea was to give certain employee permissions in the parking lot, by assigning them to certain parking areas.  

But you can get more creative than that and group employees by city, by department, or just do a mix and match. 

Grouping employees is a feature available for admins in the Tidaro web app. Employee groups are created during account configuration and can’t be created manually in the app. If you want to add or configure employee groups, please contact us at The feature does not need to be turned on. 

In the past weeks, we tuned this feature up a bit. 

Due to the latest changes, you can now: 

  • Filter employees by group in attendance reports (desk + spots), 
  • Filter employees by group in employee activity reports (desk + spots), 
  • Add employee groups to employee CSV export data report. 

Filtering employees by group can happen inside: 

  • Employee lists under Preferences – Manage Employees – Employees. 
  • Reports under Preferences – Reports. 

Now, let’s filter employees that have no group assigned.  

In this example, there are four employees that are not distributed to any group. They might be some newly hired employees that will need to be assigned to a group.  

New feature: Email Reminder Notifications 

Until now, employees have been receiving push notifications if they have a parking spot booking for the next day.  

These next day booking reminders can now be received via email as well.  

The spot booking can be easily canceled if no longer needed.   

Email notifications can be turned off for all employees by Tidaro support if the company requests it.  

Tiny User Interface Changes in the Mobile App 

The Tidaro clients might have already noticed the following tiny changes in the mobile app: 

  1. Possibility to release a booking from the Book tab. 
  1. Showing employees on a new screen when releasing a spot, with possibility to search by colleague name. 
  1. All success messages are now green, while the failure messages are red. 
  1. Possibility to change employee bookings directly from the list. This means that employee bookings are visible in the Book tab only for bookings made in the selected zone. 

And this concludes a part of our work inside Tidaro in June and July. Stay tuned for what’s cooking in the next months!

Don’t forget to check the Tidaro user manual for more details on how to get acquainted with our web app or mobile app. 

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