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Tidaro: New Features in August, September and October 2023 

Team invites and Hourly bookings are in the house! Tidaro is connecting workplaces more than ever :).
Team invites
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Back in July we were announcing that we were working on a bigger feature. 

We released it in September: Hourly bookings.  

Next, we moved on to Team invites.  

In between, we also improved some other Tidaro functionalities. 

Let’s get into some more details, shall we? 

Hourly bookings in the office car park  

Now, employees can book a parking spot not only for the entire day, but also for several hours. This is ideal for those employees that have meetings or appointments throughout the day. 

Hourly booking provides employees with greater flexibility. Now, office managers and admins have more parking spaces available for the employees.  

How do hourly bookings work inside Tidaro? 

Well, users will just need to play with the daily/hourly toggle and continue with the flow they already know for spots booking. 

Find out how to book a parking spot for a few hours or the whole day, here

Team invites 

We know that the possibility to book a desk is not enough when working hybrid. This is why we launched a while ago our Who is in the office feature, so that employees can connect better when inside the office. 

This month we took the idea of collaboration even further, and we launched Team invites. What does this mean for Tidaro’s users? Well, it means that they can invite their colleagues to join them to the office. This is how the workforce will be more connected. 

This feature is currently available in the mobile app. 

Find out how you can invite colleagues to the office, here

Feature list 

Tidaro is built to answer the needs of multiple companies and their requirements. Some companies might have some strict internal policies and they cannot enable some of Tidaro’s features (e.g., Colleague finder). 

This is why many Tidaro features are enabled or disabled with our help.  

To increase the visibility of our features, you can now see our full list of features and check which was or was not enabled in your company.  

To see the list, head over to Preferences, inside the web app. If you collapse the options inside Manage parking spots or Manage desks, you will see Parking spot settings, or Desk booking settings

Each module has its own list of features with a short description. You will be able to see which one you have enabled, or not, as well as links to the appropriate user manual section on the topic.   

That’s all, folks! 

Stay tuned for what’s cooking in the next few months! 

Don’t forget to check the Tidaro user manual for more details on how to get acquainted with our web app or mobile app. 

Alina Belascu
Alina Belascu
Alina is a digital marketer with a passion for web design. When she’s not strategizing she’s doing photography, listening to podcasts on history and psychology, and playing with her 2 dogs and cat.