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Tidaro: New Features in May 2023 

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We’re always having conversations with our customers and think about how Tidaro can evolve to meet their needs in the office or parking lot. Based on their answers, we prioritize new features. 

So, here’s what we’ve launched and fixed in May. 

New Feature: Parking Lot Waiting List 

Oftentimes, when employees want to book a spot, there are none available in the office parking lot. 

On the other hand, some employees can release their spots (maybe they are working from home, they are sick, or go on a business trip). Now, the previous employees, in search of an available spot, are missing an opportunity here. They might now notice that some spots are now available. 

So, we thought of a solution: parking lot waiting lists. 

How do they work? 

When there are no spots available, employees can join a waiting list. The moment a spot becomes available, Tidaro will automatically assign it to the first person on the list.  

If 3 spots become available, and there are 5 people in the waiting list, the first 3 will get a spot. 

Here are more details about this topic! 

New Feature: Filtering Weekends in Reports 

Because work doesn’t usually happen during the weekends, we included a new filter in some of our reports that allows you to exclude weekends. This way you can visualize more accurate reports. 

New feature: Filter Employees by Groups 

Let’s say you want to group employees by teams. You can do this using the employee group filtering option. Employee grouping is a feature used in combination with parking spots booking. You can use the grouping feature to assign employees groups to certain parking areas. 

Grouping employees is a feature available for admins in the Tidaro web app. Employee groups are created during account configuration and can’t be created manually in the app. If you want to add or configure employee groups, please contact us at 

Now, let’s do some filtering. 

Just head over to Preferences Manage Employees. 

Let’s filter employees that have no group assigned. 

In this example, there are four employees that are not distributed to any group. They might be some newly hired employees that will need to be assigned to a group. 

And that was all for May! 

Make sure to check our user manual for more detailed information on how to use Tidaro. 

Alina Belascu
Alina Belascu
Alina is a digital marketer with a passion for web design. When she’s not strategizing she’s doing photography, listening to podcasts on history and psychology, and playing with her 2 dogs and cat.