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Tidaro: How Do Office and Car Park Interactive Maps Come to Life?

How do interactive maps work inside the Tidaro app? How can you use them to manage bookings in the office?
interactive maps
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How exactly are the interactive maps we provide with the product created? Learn about the creation process and the benefits of having them.

Interactive maps

We provide each client, along with the product, with an interactive map or maps if they have more offices and parking lots. What is the basis of their interactivity? It’s simple – with the map, you can make desk booking and parking reservations with just a few clicks.

The map allows you to select your preferred desk or parking spot. You can see which places are already occupied, in which areas you can book and which are not available. Also, part of the Tidaro functionality – more about which below – is based on an interactive map of the office.

How do we create them?

All we need from the client is an office layout. We hand it over to our graphic design team, which transforms the detailed plan into an intuitive map, keeping the necessary elements. Finally, we place the markers for reservations and the map is ready.

For the interactive maps, we have created a set of icons. They increase clarity, make orientation easier, and help those who are not yet familiar with the office.

How long does it take to create an interactive map?

Mapping time depends on the size of your office and parking lot – that much is obvious. Nevertheless, one of the core values of Tidaro is efficiency. Therefore if a client cares about time, it becomes our priority as well. We do our best to make sure that mapping does not delay product implementation, and – so far – we’ve delivered every time.

As a client, do I have control over how the map looks?

When the map is ready, we send the project to the client. We listen to feedback and special requests. Then the map goes to the graphics team again, who makes changes as requested. We know that every company is unique, so we want our clients to receive a map that best reflects their workplace.

Does the size of my office or parking lot matter?

No, the smallest and huge ones – every office and parking lot deserve its map. Throughout Tidaro’s history, we have worked and continue to work with companies located at 50m². For our largest client, we designed maps of offices with a total area of 15 000m². Therefore, we can confidently say that no size scares us.

What do the maps look like?

As I mentioned before – a lot depends on the office or parking lot. But regardless of the map, we always follow two principles: clarity and usability. A map is first and foremost a tool. Using it should be simple and intuitive. That’s why we developed a precise and minimalistic style, an example of which you can see below:

Benefits of the map

Interactive maps are versatile, so many of their benefits can be pointed out. However, it is worth mentioning the most important ones.

Benefits for employees

  • With interactive maps, booking a place is simple and intuitive. The whole process requires only a few clicks and takes several seconds.
  • Desks on the map can be quickly filtered by parameters. Thanks to this, employees can choose places best suited to their current tasks.
  • Visibility of occupied positions on the map allows you to take care of distance during a pandemic consciously.
  • Thanks to interactive maps, the colleague finder function could be developed. With it, you can search for your colleagues. The app will show their workstation on the map to make it easier to find each other.
Booking a standing workstation with 2 monitors with just a few clicks in Tidaro.
Booking a desk requires just a few clicks.

Benefits for the administration

  • The maps clearly show the distribution of employees and the occupancy of specific locations in the office.
  • It is more convenient to manage space for new teams with interactive maps. In addition, you can easily find a place if you need to move one of your teams.
  • Tidaro allows you to divide your office into virtual zones and manage each of them. Later, employees can see exactly which zones are available on the map.

Final thoughts

Interactive maps delivered with Tidaro are created for the customer, taking into account their guidelines and special requests. Their style results from our focus on clarity and intuitiveness of the application. Having such a map entails many benefits that have one goal – to make office management and work easier. The company’s size does not matter because we believe there is always room for more efficient management of our resources.

Want to see how an interactive map of your office would work? Leave us an email and we will schedule an online presentation with you, during which we will present Tidaro and answer all your questions.

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