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From Share by Parkanizer to Tidaro. Our Rebranding Story. 

This is the story of our growth. A creative story.
Becoming Tidaro
In this article

We did it! It was a road that had some bumps, but we did it. We are now Tidaro, after almost 4 months of challenging work.  

The company we now call Tidaro was born as Share by Parkanizer back in 2018. 

It started as a parking spot booking solution, and then developed into an app that helps companies manage hybrid workplaces.  

Fast forward, in 2022 we had a problem: Share by Parkanizer moved beyond its initial scope of being a parking spot booking solution. So, the name was no longer relevant. 

The team also changed. Our approach to how our startup works changed as well. We became a unified company that wanted to make the workplace better.  

Now, in this article, we want to explain a little bit about how we redefined our brand, and how the entire process kicked off, then reached the finish line.  

The rebranding: the reasons behind it 

What changed during the rebranding? We started with the name itself, then moved on to the whole visual identity. The product itself did not change, except for the visuals. 

As we’ve already mentioned, Share by Parkanizer was no longer about parking.  

Back in 2020, after the pandemic hit, one of our clients told us: ” It would be so great to book desks like you book parking spots”. 

We soon shipped our desk booking prototype to our customers. The tool helped their employees not to sit one next to the other in the office during the pandemic. When the restrictions were lifted, our tool ended up being an essential solution to manage hybrid work. This is when we even got our first investment from Black Pearls VC, in 2022. 

So, for the moment, our app allows parking spots bookings, as well as desks and room bookings. The future will bring us even closer to the workplace and the people inside it.  

This was when we all felt that the name was not helping our product position itself in the market as a tool used in hybrid workplaces.  

Next, we had to decide who we were and who we wanted to be. 

And so, it all began. 

Who are we? 

We started with a meeting with all our colleagues, with the purpose of defining who we are as a team and as a company. 

We talked about the values our company has or should have. 

Then we co-created the values list, the mission and vision.   

Here’s what we all agreed with: 

We believe in simplicity. Simplicity is in our veins. We strongly believe that tough problems can be solved with simple solutions if there is willingness and an open heart. In order to achieve that we build solutions that are easy to use. Everything we do has to be simple in terms of the number of actions that need to be undertaken to achieve a specific goal. 

We believe in empathy. We believe in a human-centered approach; therefore, we walk in our stakeholders’ (colleagues, clients, etc.) shoes to truly understand their needs and motivations. 

We care. We want to become partners with our clients and support them in their journey. We are their companions. We care about our relationships and the trust between us.  

We foster autonomy. We believe that autonomy gives freedom of choice and a clear path to development.  

We innovate. Innovating also encompasses failing. We can fail inside our teams, but we can expect full support. When you fail, you learn, when you learn, you innovate. We want to walk out of the comfort zone. We built this company by doing so. We believe that having an impact is possible when you do things differently from others, we want to change the world, even if it is about small things. 

We believe in sustainability. We believe in circular economy, waste reduction, optimization of resources. We believe in the sharing economy. 

These values will guide us when we make business decisions, as well as inside our team. 

When we sum these up, here’s how the mission and vision sound like: 

Mission statement: Make employees’ lives easier and simpler, so they focus on what really matters. 

Vision statement: We envision accessible and flexible workplaces, and better utilized spaces. 

So, we figured out what we care about and what’s our mission in the world. But how should we be calling ourselves? How will we bring the new identity to life?  

Becoming Tidaro: the roadmap 

Next, it was time to plan our activities across cross-functional teams: marketing, design, and development.  

We used Click Up to set up main activities, their subtasks and deadlines. Weekly sync meetings between the marketing and development team kept us aligned. 

This way we all had a clear vision of the entire roadmap, but also ensured enough flexibility. 

1. Becoming Tidaro: choosing the name

When we started brainstorming for the name, we wanted to engage the entire team. Everyone had a few days at their disposal to suggest some names. Next, we all met for a debriefing and a first round of votes. 

The next step was to shorten the list by taking each name through a checklist. We wanted to make sure that the domain was available, there were no other existing products with the same name. We even checked for translations, so that the names don’t have some offensive meaning in certain languages…In short, it was a thorough process. 

After the final debate, Tidaro was the winner. 

But what does Tidaro mean? 

At its root, Tidaro encapsulates two of the main values we have “caring” and “empathy”. In Italian, ” ti darò ” means “I will give you”. What does this mean for us, as a company, and as a team? 

It means that: 

  • We will give each other space for development, 
  • We will give each other the freedom to experiment, 
  • We will be there to help one another, 
  • We are here to support our clients. Companionship trumps profits here. 

Because we were all involved in finding Tidaro, at the end of the process, we all felt we were “Tidarians”. We even ended up greeting each other on Teams like this: “Hi, Tidarians!” 

Meet the Tidarians

2. Becoming Tidaro: the positioning

After several debates, we decided to position Tidaro like this: Tidaro is a booking app with team integration elements that is here to create better workplace experiences. 

We decided that the future will bring us much closer to an engaged and connected workplace. 

So, we’re on an important mission over here. 

3. Becoming Tidaro: the visual identity and brand voice 

Next, let’s see how the “who we are” translates into colors, a brand voice, and a logo. 

It all started with a creative workshop where we talked about brand archetypes, and answered questions such as: 

  • If Tidaro were a movie character, who would it be? 
  • If Tidaro were a song, which song would that be? 
  • How does Tidaro sound? 

And so on. Miro helped us get creative here. 

defining Tidaro

So, we planted the seeds. It was time for the design team to work its magic. 

Long story short: 

  • We are using a color palette that has warm colors, that create a cozy vibe. People feel like they’re in a safe place. 
  • The font of choice is Satoshi. It had to be readable, and with rounded letters. The font had to support the feeling of coziness. 
Tidaro colors and fonts
  • The logo is here to suggest the idea of connection. The connection we have as a team, with our customers, and the connected workplace we envision. 
Tidaro logos

Our biggest learnings from the whole rebranding 

The moment we decided to rebrand we realized that we need to be transparent about this with our current customers. So, they were the first to know about the process, what it meant, and how they would be affected.  

We kept them in the loop, so that we could avoid any frustrations. And this was one of the best things we did. We managed to alleviate their concerns and keep them trusting us. 

Also, the fact that we started the rebranding process with a workshop where the whole team was involved helped us bond better. We all felt that we were working toward the same goal. Constant syncing helped everyone understand where we’re at. 

At the end of the day, we all felt we were part of something important, that we were truly becoming “the Tidarians”. 

The Tidarians

What’s next for Tidaro? 

We want to be a strong voice in the hybrid marketplace.  

We’re here to leave our mark, while also enjoying the process. 

We’re here to learn, develop, and help our customers.  

We think that people make the workplace, not the other way around. And the next app features will support this. 

So, stay tuned! 

Over and out, 

A very proud Tidaro team 

Picture of Maciej Lukas
Maciej Lukas
Product manager & designer, business developer, marketing coach and smart city enthusiast. Believes in the concept of sharing economy. Enables flexible and accessible offices as Tidaro's CEO.