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Tidaro Year in Review: 2023 

Tidaro in 2024
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The time to ponder the growth and lessons learned over the last year is here.  

In Tidaro we are fans of retrospectives, while recognizing wins, both small and big. We do it often inside our teams, as well as companywide. 

Now, it’s time to share and reshare with you the developments of 2023 😊. 

Let’s roll! 

Tidaro: the Big Wins of 2023  

We started 2023 as Share by Parkanizer and we ended it up as Tidaro. 

Our 2023 journey was truly a remarkable one. We went through a rebranding, grew, developed our product, learned more about ourselves, and navigated periods of uncertainties. 

  • Becoming Tidaro: our rebranding story 

Share by Parkanizer started as a parking spot booking solution. 

Fast forward, in 2022 we had a problem: Share by Parkanizer moved beyond its initial scope of being a parking spot booking solution. It became an app that was helping companies manage hybrid workplaces, by also allowing desk and room bookings.     

So, the name was no longer relevant. And rebranding was a must. 

The process took more than 4 months and included: finding the new name, preparing the visual identity, redesigning the website, and more. 

When we brainstormed for a name, we wanted everyone on the team to be a part of it. Each person had a few days to suggest names, and then we met to discuss and vote. 

After the final debate, Tidaro appeared as the winner.  

Tidaro logos

But what does Tidaro mean? 

At its core, Tidaro stands for two important values: “caring” and “empathy.” In Italian, “ti darò” means “I will give you.” What does this mean for us as a company and as a team? 

It means: 

  • We give each other space for development. 
  • We give each other the freedom to experiment. 
  • We are there to help one another. 
  • We prioritize supporting our clients over profits. Companionship is more important here. 

And we managed to stay true to these values until now.   

Since everyone played a part in choosing Tidaro, we all feel like “Tidarians”, and we even greet ourselves as “Hi, Tidarians!”, or use the hashtag #gotidarians whenever possible. 

You can find here more details about our rebranding journey. 

During the rebranding we kept talking about having a brand hero… 

We launched our pretty Tidarians a few months after the rebranding. They are the everyday employees struggling with finding a parking space, with getting to work in time, getting excited by a new project…They are helpful, caring, and trying to make everyone smile. 

  • Team meeting in Katowice, Poland 

Our team is scattered in several cities across Poland, as well as Romania. We managed to finally get together and share some amazing moments. 

Our colleague, Alina, even did a photoshoot with us. 

We had fun, we went to an Escape Room, and we really enjoyed one another. 

The Tidarians

We plan on having more gatherings like this one in 2024! 

  • “The Workplace Scoop” – our interview series 

Back in April 2023 we started our Workplace Scoop interview series where we invited workplace experts to share with us their know-how on the latest trends and forces impacting the labor market, the future of work, employee experience, and so much more. 

We had guests from Mural, WeWorkRemotely, Matchr, WorkMotion, SumUp, and more. 

The conversations were candid and brave, and made us believe in better workplaces. 

We’re continuing our interview series in 2024 as well, so stay tuned! 

  • Tidaro’s new features 

We’re always fine-tuning Tidaro’s features based on user feedback.  We listen, we analyze, we deploy… 

Here are the biggest deployments of 2023: 

  • Parking spots booking notifications. We understand how important it is to stay on top of your schedule and never miss an important meeting or deadline. That’s why we’ve added booking reminders as in-app notifications. With this feature, Tidaro users will receive reminders about their upcoming bookings. 
  • Parking spot issues. This is a feature connected to parking lot infringements. There are two issues that Tidaro is tackling in the parking lot: blocked cars, and employees parking on someone else’s spot. 
  • Booking priorities in the car park. We know that some employees need to book parking spaces ahead of time. That’s why we’ve introducing a priority system that allows them to prioritize certain bookings over others.  
  • Parking lot waiting lists. When there are no spots available, employees can join a waiting list. The moment a spot becomes available, Tidaro will automatically assign it to the first person on the list.   
  • Car park hourly bookings. Now, employees can book a parking spot not only for the entire day, but also for several hours. This is ideal for those employees that have meetings or appointments throughout the day.   
  • Team invites. Employees can invite their colleagues to join them to the office.   
  • New reports filtering options (weekend filtering, group filtering, etc). 

Other tiny bug fixes happened along the way, together with some user interface changes. 

Overall, the direction is a good one, according to our clients, and their G2 reviews 😊, and the personal feedback they are sharing. 

What’s coming up for Tidaro?  

We want to have a stronger presence in the hybrid marketplace. 

We’re here to make a difference and have fun along the way. We’re here to learn, grow, listen to our customers, and develop Tidaro accordingly. 

We believe that people are the heart of the workplace. Our next app features will support this idea. 

So, stay tuned for more updates! 


The Tidaro Team 

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