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Hot Desking – Will It Work for Your Company?

Wondering asbout introducing hot desking to your company? Read about the advantages of this solution.
hot desking
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What is hot desking and how does covid-19 influence it? Dispel your doubts about the future of this solution.

What is hot desking?

Hot desking is a system where employees are not assigned a single desk. Instead, they can choose a different desk with each office visit. Such a system is usually implemented in offices that introduced hybrid work or in coworking spaces.

Advantages of hot desks

Although each company can point out various advantages of hot desks, the most important pros know no exceptions.

1. Savings

Renting an office devours a considerable part of companies’ budget every year. Therefore managing your office accordingly to needs can save you unnecessary expenses. With hot desks, you can introduce changes much faster. Moreover, hot desking can be a first step towards creating a coworking space. Consequently dividing rental costs between more companies and entirely using the office.

2. Ergonomics

We know a landscape of an office well. Some tend to sit in the center of the office; others need a quiet place to focus. Some employees work with their laptops, and others use PCs in the office. Hot desking leaves the choice of place to an employee. That’s why they can adjust it to their current task and increase the ergonomics of work.

3. Flexibility

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, hybrid work has permanently entered the ecosystems of companies. The best answer to this phenomenon is hot desking. It makes your office even more suited to flexible working hours and irregular visits by employees. More flexibility and proper analysis of office usage provide opportunities to adapt the workplace to dynamic changes.

Will covid-19 finish hot desks?

Some say that the pandemic is the end of hot desking. They argue their position with hygiene restrictions. In light of those arguments, can we say that hot desking is dead? The answer is simple – no.

With a hot desking system, you can easily take some desks out of use if you need to take care of social distancing. You can assign desks for outside visitors and flexibly organize your office to function in changing environments.

And what about hygiene? Take care of it just like in a traditional office. With a proper desk reservation system, it is even easier because you know which desks your employees used that day.

The future of hot desking

Hot desks will stay with us for a long time. For some younger employees, it is the only system they know. The evolution in the way of working and the culture of companies also favors hot desks. Increasingly popular coworking spaces and activity based working thrives on them. Its flexibility makes companies immune to many losses caused by the rapidly changing market. That’s why hot desks will shine among the challenges companies face in the future.

Hot desking with Tidaro

Let’s assume that a new team has formed in your company. With Tidaro, you can assign a part of your office for that team. You can disable some desks to take care of social distancing.

Team members filter desks by parameters and choose the most suitable place for themselves with the Tidaro mobile or web app. After their work is done, they return the desk with just one click.

The data analysis tool shows the office utilization report. This allows you to see if the team is using all the space they were given. With this information, you can further improve the efficiency of your office.

Final thoughts

Hot desking, namely a desk selection system, opens the door to greater flexibility and better ergonomics. Moreover, it translates into actual savings. And what about the pandemic? It has not put hot desking down; rather it has shown us that it is the most flexible system in a rapidly changing business world.

Thinking about implementing hot desks in your office? Schedule an online meeting and find out how we can help you with that.

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